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 Hey ‘Cudas!

Our first meet is tomorrow (Monday) at home. A few notes for our newbies regarding home meets:

  • Parent volunteers should report around 4:30 to help prepare for the meet.
  • Swimmers should wear team suits/apparel (if they own). New clothing is due in shortly.
  • Upon arriving, swimmers should report to the Jr High gym (at bottom of hall ramp).
  • All swimmers should arrive at 5:00 and check in with a coach (usually there is one coach checking in the girls and another doing the boys). Swimmers who arrive after 5:15 may be scratched from the meet.
  • The swimmers’ events will be posted in the gym. Parents of younger swimmers should write down their event # and stroke on the back of their hand or arm (like #15 25 Breast). Bring a Sharpie (regarding meet events: swimmers typically swim in 1-2 individual events per meet. They will be swimming in all events at some point, even if they are not 100% proficient yet. We ask that they just try their best; much growth takes place when performing outside of one’s comfort zone. Kids will DQ; this is common. We will try to explain what they did incorrectly so they can learn from it.)
  • Parents and swimmers usually hang out in the gym (parents can also sit in bleachers on deck). It is recommended that parents of our younger swimmers keep tabs on them and help them to navigate the process until they become more familiar with it. Parents bring folding chairs; swimmers a blanket, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Swimmers will be called and lined up for warm-ups around 5:20 and taken to the pool. After warm-ups swimmers must leave the deck through the lockerrooms to return to the gym (no wet feet in the hall). 8&Under swimmers do not warm-up.
  • Shortly before 6:00, the swimmers in the first event will be called and sent up to the pool lobby to be lined-up (marshaled) for their race. Everyone should listen for their event(s) to be called.
  • Our 6&Unders will have a lane swimmer (one of the big kids) in the water with them until they are ready to fly solo.
  • The meet runs approximately 6:00-8:00. There’s a concession stand in the hall during the meet. Once your swimmer is done competing in their events and if the parent’s volunteering commitments are met, you’re free to go. On your way home, lots of praise for the swimmer(s)!


Good luck all!


Welcome to the 2019 Season!
Summer Swim Season is here! Practices will begin on WEDNESDAY, 6/19 (note revised start date). We will be collecting the clothing orders on that first day.

13-18 YEAR OLDS……… 8:00-8:45 AM OR 6:15-7:00 PM
9-12 YEAR OLDS………...8:45-9:30 AM OR 5:30-6:15 PM
5-8 YEAR OLDS..….……9:30-10:00 AM OR 5:00-5:30 PM

Please park beneath the solar panels and enter through the doors by the ramp. Swimmers can enter pool through the (Junior High) lockerrooms on the right as you enter the building. Parents/others may enter pool through the double glass doors in the pool lobby. Reminder: we ask all spectators to remain on the bleachers behind the starting blocks only. All young children should be supervised closely and not allowed to run around the school.

Check our website for schedules, results, suit information, clothing information, and more!

Thanks for your cooperation, and have a great season!!!!