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All upcoming dual meets in the league can be found at the WVSC Meets & Events pages

Wednesday 7/10/19- Kittatinny Time Trials to benefit the WVSC Swim-A-Long: The Swim-A-Long is a league-sponsored fundraiser for a selected charity. All collected monies from teams are compiled, and a single league check is issued to the recipient at Championships. Our swimmers learn to help others in need. We will be hosting a Time Trial meet at Kittatinny and all entry fees collected will be donated towards this charity. For more information go here.

Sat 7/13/19- NW Jersey Swimming Invitational: An invitational sponsored by the Newton Swim Team. Swimmers have the opportunity to swim events they may not have been able to swim, and another chance to get a qualifying time for Championships. Swimmers/parents may pick their events and sign up and pay at the table in practices. See detailed here.

ENTRIES (check carefully)

7/27/19- WVSC Championships: League Championships. Swimmers must qualify by achieving the cutoff time in any league-sponsored meet. This year it will be hosted by Lake Stockholm Swim Team.More info here.

  • Swimmers must have earned qualifying time(s) in their event(s) and have particiapted in at least 50% of meets (3). Qualifying times earned in yards (pool) must be converted to meters.
  • For swimmers who qualified in multiple events, coaches selected the two events for you to swim.
  • Coaches made the line-up with the goal of earning the most points for the team; swimmers may or may not like the events that they were put in but are expected (and should be encouraged to) do their best for the team.
  • No changes can be made.


Sunday, 7/28/19- Team Picnic @ Crandon Lakes

Picnic Directions